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why did George W. Bush send out $ 500 stimulus checks to every US citizen before? did he also send out TWO of them? WHY?

was it like these latest "stimulus checks" are? really they are just "Tax refunds/ rebates"? and only qualify if you had filed  tax return previous year? what people thought of them then and now and why?

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    Bush sent those out as a tax cut to taxpayers.... I was thrilled, because it helped pay my rent that month.

    BTW, it was $300 for my tax bracket.

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    The federal government borrows enormous amounts of money every year, so stimulus checks are not "tax refunds."  They are borrowed money checks.  In 2020, the federal government borrowed $0.50 of every $1.00 it spent.

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    idk... Im not sure why I felt the need to go on yahoo answers while riding my bfs dikc

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    I don't give a sh*t about politics

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  • I think it was $300 and one time..

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