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What are pros & cons of home schooling when it comes to having a united country with common values & and national unity?


So Merlin is saying, having each parent teach their own kids all over the country is the best way to have a united country that has common values and is united.   wow......... no merlin, its best way to have people at each other's throats, lawlessness, unamericanism and treason brewing in the minds of millions of people.

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    1 month ago

    Values are best taught in the home.  Parents are the first and best teachers children can have.  Given the INDOCTRINATION that occurs in government schools these days, why would ANY parent want their child to go to one of those brainwashing institutes?

    Cons?  Home schooled children who learn truth and fact won't understand the garbage about 267 different genders or being able to change genders by changing your wardrobe.  Also, they won't understand the concept of paying people to breed when they don't do any work to produce anything aside from more welfare recipients, or this fantasy called "Man Caused Climate Change".

    me, I prefer my way to having a bunch of indoctrinated, brain dead morons running around who don't know how to think for themselves.

  • 1 month ago

    Liberals are mentally ill, if  you do not watch it  - your kid will be contaminated into what to think rather how to think

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