Does it matter who I get my Six Sigma Master Black Belt?

I have my Black Belt Certificate that I earned through Six Sigma Global Institute online. I am thrilled with my training this far, and SSGI offers a Master BB course as well, but I fear that I would sell myself short by doing that training. Are there more preferred institutes online? I currently work in a field that does not require or use certification, but I am trying to prepare for a future career change. 

I have no experience conducting projects yet, and most institutes require a certain number of years spent in an industry or a certain number of projects completed. But I have a significant background in leadership and statistics which seem to be hot topics in most syllabi of the institutes I have found.  

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I have a black belt in Street Fighter II and a 2nd degree black belt in Mortal Kombats 1-3

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