If you find yourself parroting the media, does that mean you are stupid? If a thousand people repeat the same sentence they are brainwashed.?


Apparently the reader had no clue I was talking about the media. Said anonymous answer is the epitome of a parrot of which I speak. BRAINWASHED. 

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Parrots feel safe.  How can government take umbridge if the person is repeating what the government is saying.

    Power makes right,

    An Opposer must be silenced as they create division.

    Thinking is dangerous.

    Conversation is dangerous, that is why the Students must prevent dangerous people from being heard.  

    There can only be one "Right Thinking", government experts will tell the people what it is.

    Politicians Know what is right,  That is why they are the leaders, and you are not.

    Term Limit should be No Consecutive Terms, ever.

    The Biden/Harris party of the people will be successful, especially with help and advice  from China, Chine has much experience dealing with massive populations.

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