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Can someone explain the movie Casablanca ?

I must be really dumb as I found it confusing

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    During WWII, a lot of people wanted to leave Germany, and leaders of the resistance to Hitler were often hunted down by the Nazis. They couldn't leave directly from German-occupied countries, so they would often travel over land and over water to get to a place where they could get a plane to a non-occupied country like Britain or the US. That's what Ilsa and her husband were doing in Africa- trying to get out of occupied territory. Rick helped people get out by supplying documents that said they had permission from the Germany government to travel. Rick and Ilsa had had an affair before the war, and were still in love, but her husband was important in the resistance movie, so it was considered more important for her to stay with him and help him, since the war effort was more important than the lives of two people.

    It is widely acknowledged as a great movie, and depicts some of the trauma of that time period. 

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    I can explain it, but I won't.

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    Try watching Barb Wire.  It's basically the same movie with more explosions.  

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    If you're looking for a synopsis of the plot, see Wikipedia.

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    It is something only older people like. At the cinema I usually go to but not for a while because of covid but, anyway, the staff all have their favourite film on their name badges and Casablanca is always on the older staff's badges.

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    It sucks......mmm

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