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Possibly toxic friend, what do I do?

Okay, so my best friend and I have been practically inseparable for about..6 years now, I met her when I was young and we've always sort of clicked, but she has a lot of mental health issues that sort of interfere with our friendship..when we were younger she would physically hurt me like pulling my hair and squeezing my hand really hard to the point of hurting my hand etc, and now that we're a bit older (16 and 17) it's getting worse and I'm just putting up with it, she always insults me and makes tiny remarks about my insecurities, she points things out with my art work and laughs and gives me nicknames based off my insecurities, and I'm all for a little teasing, but she knows it genuinely messes with my day to day just seems like she find any little reason to get mad at me AND it's like she loves it even more if it's in front of people..I showed my other friend a video of her singing and I was like "oh my god her voice is so pretty look how pretty she sounds" basically just geeking out over my best friend, and he showed my best friend that I send the video and she got so mad at me and said things like "I trusted you why would you do that, now he knows what I sound like are you ******* kidding me" and I obviously apologized over and over again because I didn't know it was an issue, and then a week later she got mad about it all over again and started yelling at me


I just don't know what to do, we have plans together for our future but I don't know if I should go through with it, I've been her therapist for years now, walking on eggshells around her otherwise she'll snap, I'm just so stressed but I don't want to lose her

Update 2:

Also, I know she isn't toxic Because of her mental illness! I also have a mental illness so I understand how she's feeling, I just don't know how to help her and also start being treated better I guess

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    I cannot relate to the mental issues that you are describing.. however I can relate to someone hurting me and causing pain.  That would not be a friend in my definition.. mental issues or not.  We are all different in every aspect.. but my aspect is.. anyone that purposely hurts me or my image of myself.. just needs to go away.  Far away.  Friends should not cause pain or mental anguish. Friends should not cause you to feel that you are walking on egg shells.  Life is way too short to have to deal with someone who apparently is not working out in our best interest.  If they will not change.. just a little.. then they add zero value to my life.  

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    Being "toxic" involves a level of culpability you can't always project onto someone who's mentally ill. But if her behavior disturbs you you're under no obligation to remain friends with her. 

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    Hello concerned best friend it’s commendable you stuck with your friend that’s what a true friend tries to do. It’s understandable how her medical issues are interfering with your life and peace of mind especially when all you have done is be a positive influence for her. Unfortunately sometimes with the kind of medical conditions she has anything is possible with her actions or reactions. Have you tried to let her know how you feel when she does certain things to you in front of others? Does she understand it takes a friend to be a friend? Pray for strength to endure and courage to put space between you two if needed to keep a calm heart and your joy. Even the best intentions don’t always work out. Is she on medication for her condition or seeing a therapist? Hopefully things will get better for you too because having a best friend is priceless. Take some deep breaths too. 

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    What do you DO? You make a decision as to whether you want to spend any more time with her and undergo all the stress it causes.

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