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Why did this guy do this to me?

This guy I knew, was messing around with me and he randomly started trying to pull down my shirt & was putting their face in my chest. Why did they do that? I never flirted with them and they never did that before. Also, is this considered sexual assault? I said "Stop it" and slapped their hands but he wouldn't stop

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    If you said stop and tried to slap him but he still didn't stop, yes, thats assault. He shouldn't be doing that after you tell him to stop.

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    I can absolutely for sure say that every girl has had things like that happen me included. Like you I would say stop it. I would also say you better get your hands off me or I will tell my father and you know what he"ll do to you.My father was well known for being a badass. Most of the time that would work but not always.

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