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 Car borrowing question ?

My friend gave me permission to use her car. I got tired and didn’t feel safe to drive anymore and let my boyfriend drive it. 

Did my boyfriend steal the car because I let him drive us and didn’t let my roommate know? 

Is there a certain rule if I have permission to use the car from the owner, am I responsible for it now and can give someone else permission to drive the car? Help me! 


My roommate filed a car theft police report because my boyfriend drove it..

Update 2:

I found out she also put a police report on me too saying I stole her car even though I had her permission. I did ask if we could go get slurpees and we did but my boyfriend and I drove someplace afterwards too 

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    You had responsibility for the car , whoever you let drive it .You broke the agreement with your girl friend and that's between you and her .

    I cannot see the law convicting your boyfriend for car theft , under these circumstances 

    And if your girl friend knew all this , her actions in reporting a theft were even more foolish , and I suspect that the police will be non too pleased with her.

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    Your boyfriend did not have permission to drive the car and you didn't have the authority to allow him to do so.

    In the case described, it is a stretch to claim the car was stolen, but absolutely certain your boyfriend was driving without authorization.

  • Jas B
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    The car was loaned to you and what happened after that is your responsibility.

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    That depends on the law in the country........ reality is YOU had permission your bf didn't

    Where I live the car owner legally has to give permission for someone to drive their car, that also means they KNOW the person they gave permission to is insured to drive their car, they also KNOW the person driving it has a full driving license...otherwise the car owner is in legal trouble in allowing an uninsured/unqualified and will be charged.......... so you let your bf drive it, the owner didn't know and didn't give them permission, so bf without legal permission of the owner 'took and drove away' ( stole)

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    2 months ago

    Your room mate owns and controls the car,

    Your room make gave you permission only to drive the car,  not to sell the car, let someone else drive it,  paint it, or anything else

    There is no theft because your boyfriend was told he could drive it so there is no wrong doing on his part.

    You however did not have the right to let him drive it, If anything happened while he was driving it, your room mate could hold you responsible for damages and you in turn could try to sue your boyfriend after you paid your room mate

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    You are 100% responsible for it while it is in your possession, yes.  Which means when you borrow it and let someone else drive it and they crash it, you pay for it.  Your bf did not stela the car, but it is not cool for you to let him drive it. 

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