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Why has Biden so quickly scrapped a travel ban by Trump on several Muslim countries?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It is racist for starters,  banning a group of people because of their religion.   Our own domestic terrorists are a bigger threat right now, 

    "A close look at what the administration has been doing since the now-infamous executive order was issued on January 27 2017,— banning travelers and refugees from seven Muslim-majority nations — reveals a clear intent from Trump’s inner circle to depopulate the United States of Muslims.

    The many articles written about chief strategist Stephen Bannon, alleged architect of the ban, are a testament to his endeavor to rid the United States of Muslims. He has repeatedly asked the question: “Don’t we have a problem with legal immigration?” Bannon described a high legal immigrant population as the “beating heart of this problem.”

    Consider these points:

    The original executive order not only prevented more citizens from the seven Muslim-majority countries coming to the United States, but the broad language of the executive order deliberately made no distinction between permanent residents, students, former translators for the military or refugees.

    Initially, everyone was kept out. There were several cases of lawful green card holders being detained — despite the fact that they had been living in the United States legally for years and obtained their green cards through legal channels. Public pressure forced the government to relent.

    Had it not been for the outrage, pushback from within the US Congress and bureaucracy — as well as the court order from a federal judge in Washington state — then we believe we could have seen the deportation of lawful green card holders. 

  • Sam
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    1 month ago

    Everything that Dump did has to be undone to MAGA.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The GOP told Romney he couldn't win without Minority votes, and Trump came along and said, "Oh, yeah! Watch me!" and pulled a lot of racists out from under their rocks. He never could admit that he wouldn't have won in 2016 without Putin's help, and losing 2020 reinforced that. It's hard to get rid of the name Trump but it will always be synonymous with "Sore Loser." 

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