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Should I share self development tools and information with friends so it can help them or should I keep it to myself?

Not because I don't want good for them but I fear:

a) They will use me for information and not share information with me when the time comes because they won't want me to improve.

b) They are copying my style and it annoys me and yes it will be annoying if then they become better then me and I'm below them and stupid because they wouldn't have shared that knowledge themselves for this reason.

C) they will be jealous or compete with me

I feel bad when I try helping people out but I do it either way.

Yet I don't progress in life whether my ideas are good or not. And I'm not good enough

So will I always be sharing to help everyone and get nothing and nowhere. And they won't help me the same way.

I feel threatened. But then I feel selfish for this. But in this world you have to hold your cards tight to your heart right?


Are these true friends though? I don't know who is and who is using me and won't help me when I'm down etc

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    Unless they're specifically asking for this I'd keep it to myself. Most of us have friends who tend to drone on about such things long past the point where we're even vaguely interested in hearing it. 

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    If these are your friends, help them .  

    If they are your competitors, keep it to yourself


    I would respect you more if you did help them, even if they did get ahead.  Every good coach does that.

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