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Have you learned how to manage the idea that others have of you?

only few people know how to see me for what i really am, sometimes they can even see what was there, but i didn't see, and if they have something they don't like about me, they communicate it to me making me feel their affection.

with others i never agree in the slightest, i would they not even think of me, not even positive thoughts, they don't reflect me at all. what should i do? argue every time to make me understand (boring, difficult..)? live with it by adapting (is it truly necessary?..)? restrict the circle of my acquaintances to those who understand me?


even at the cost of suffering a crushing loneliness (in the last option)?

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    You have to keep in mind that people talk behind our backs all the time.  Whether you call it cossip or talking behind our backs.  It is human nature & cannot be stopped.

    For myself, I do not care what they say.  It does not bother me at all.  Those that really know me won't damage my image & will defend me in gossip conversations.  Those who don't really know me come up with some of the weirdest reasons to harm me by gossip.  Telling lies & throwing accusations right & left.  Let them, I don't care.

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    I learned long ago not to care about it.

    I have my own life.

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