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Why did she had to tell her friends that I like her?

I'm a guy. I asked her out and she said no. That's ok; I decided to leave her alone. But she went and told all of her friends that I like her. Why do girls do this?

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    Didn’t mean to make it this long sorry, hope it helps.

    Good question, women tend to subconsciously record and store every single detail about what happens around and to them every day, so a LOT of the info seems boring making the slightly uncommon things way more interesting and the way more rare things feel like the coolest thing in the history of the world. 

    Because of that amplified reaction it’s very hard not to share basically every detail with friends, sharing the cool things can also be another way to one up people we don’t like. 

    Along with that, the overwhelmingly large amount of slightly boring things and hearing stories of people’s “way more interesting lives” and ONLY those stories makes us feel like our lives are boring and insignificant while others lives are always exiting. That creates a need for us to feel validated, and cared about, because when we are it goes against that constant inner voice that says “you’re so boring and nothing happens in your life”

    SO when a girl is asked out/flirted with/looked at in a “dayum” sorta way/etc its a mixture of reeeeeeaaally rare validation (even if they reject it, it’s still a very rare moment) and one of the reeeeeaaallly exiting moments. 

    When those two things come together it creates the ultimate creation that no one could EVER not talk about. So that’s why the girls talked about it

    It really sucks having that rejection talked about but it’s very common and she also appreciated that you asked her. 

    Just a quick note, I applaud you for scrapping up the courage to talk to her, it’s tough and I’m sorry that you got rejected.

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    uhm because usually when someone asks someone else out, it's obvious they like them....

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    Because they are trying to win some sort of popularity contest.  As she matures, she will hopefully realize that no one cares whether she accepted your date or not or whether you like her or not.  

    Girls go out with guys they feel some sort of attraction toward for the most part.  But if there's no attraction on her part, i don't see the point of rushing around telling people you like her... but a narcissist would do that.  

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    1 month ago

    Why shouldn't she? Was it to be kept secret? She is immature and you are better off without her.

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