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Why do Biden cultist have trouble defending, supporting and even listing Biden accomplishments without crying about?

President Trump? They voted for Biden but can't say why


Well, Eraser proved my point. LOL That was too easy. Great answer USAF#1 Thank you for civility and your service.

Update 2:

Scott b and cowturd, You really need to go back to burning buildings and hiding in your safe place of Chaz. 

Update 3:

Wildtard, Biden has been in politics for 47 years and yet you cannot name 1 single thing Biden has accomplished. Keep voting for the downfall of America. 

Update 4:

Funny Scott B, you people didn't give Trump a chance. Please tell me how to be as stupid as you and actually post on here like you seriously believe the mouth manure you spew. 

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    IMHO since the Ford Carter election people vote against someone,  not for someone.   It is a "lesser of two evils" kind of choice.   So yes,  I voted for Trump over Hillary because he was the lesser of two evils.   This time I voted for Biden over Trump because he is the lesser of two evils.  

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    Trump is and was a failed business man to begin with, he doesn't know anything about politics and should never have been elected.He is incompetent  and stupid .

    Biden has his flaws no doubt . But he can do the job. That is why I voted for him. Trump has failed in every way to be a leader. Can you actually believe he's the better choice ?

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    He hasn't been President before. I'm willing to give him the chance to have great accomplishments while in office. Because we sure got squat in that category the last 4 years. Why do you think he was elected, and Trump lost in a landslide?

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