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out of options still new horizons?

so ive been playing smash bros and been thinking of a way to get at least 3000 miles for bell vouchers since ive used up all my bell gaining options even tried planting coconuts  but i knew that did not count for that much

as for the museum redd should have showed up when it opened not after 80 donations and 5 years of your life plus only like five fossils spawned on my island so i got redds stuff by able sisters but they were not he real thing

gulliver does not show anymore and brewster capn booker and cooper are all gone even the turtle mayor is long gone and likely passed on

at least he gave u like 3000 bells for a job i think

the neighbors only give u worthless clothes worthless again as able us there even the kk slider stuff pre non   unlockable concert is useless or sold for less

i almost wish i could demolish by house and put fencing up in a quick way for 6 rooms

my island has alot of hills so moving my house was not really an option 

no kk slider no terraforming either

so in other words i have zero miles and zero bells and weeds for far less than loan

was the first two house upgrades suppose to take 20 years

i made a 6 room house in minecraft in under an hour but minecraft has been trash since it used blocks no offense

what should i do in acnh if even selling all my stuff is like under 50k

and my island even with all rare displays looks like crap compared to  islands in the dream world 

and lastly my very small house and other tents are full 

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