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How is generated electricity?

From the atom.

2- How many voltz has a Cell phone charger in the output?

3-Can i link a USB light to a Cell phone charger?

4- Why is dangerous a Cell phone in the water?

5- Why are phones going out of service after rain, thunders etc? Do they have fuses? How to repair ?


Phil Why did some people die because were in the bath with a Cell

phone linked to an outlet?

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    2 A cell phone has a 4.7 Volt battery. the charging voltage is 5V.

    3 Yes if it is a 5V light with a USB plug.

    4 A cell phone is not dangerous in water it will just quit working unless it is waterproof.

    5 If a cell phone gets water inside it it will quit unless it's waterproof.

    Electricity is generated mostly by four methods:

    Waterfall power dams.

    Nuclear power reactors.

    Coal fired power plants.

    Solar power banks.

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    find out for yourself

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    Electricity is generated by a conductor moving inside a magnetic field. Cell phones are just plain dangerous. To eliminate the cell phone problem, drop the cell phone in the toilet and flush.

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