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Do I have a tumor? Is it my anxiety and depression?! Please Help? ?

So two days ago I had a bad headache that went away with medication. But lately I feel retarded. I say sorry I burped instead of I sneezed or pass me the bowl instead of cup. Idk what is going on with me I want to cry and I am embarrassed to go out even to talk to my own family!

Please Help Me! 

Idk what is wrong with me everyone at work looked at me weird today because I called someone the wrong name. All I say when I say stuff like that is like I am sorry I meant .... and correct myself. But I feel retarded and scared!

I do have anxiety and a bit of depression idk if it means it is getting worse please help! 

I am scared I am crying ! 

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    No one here knows. We can't diagnose you.  Its sounds to me as though you are just distracted by anxiety. People have headaches all the time.  They normally don't mean anything.

    If you are really worried, see a doctor.  But I don't think you have anything to worry about.

    What you REALLY need is ongoing therapeutic help for your mental-health issues.

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    Anxiety can make you have trouble concentrating, and then say the wrong thing. You don't have a brain tumor. Anxiety is your problem. You need to get on medication to dampen it down a bit. 

    Plenty of people say the wrong thing, but the difference between them and you, is that they just laugh it off. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    We're in the middle of a pandemic, of course you're going to be anxious.

  • Donna
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    2 months ago

    I get like this more when I get a bad headache. You can talk to a doctor if you get a chance, but its probably just some stress causing this. I find that taking some gingko biloba capsules on a regular basis helps me a lot to not do stuff like this, and also to think more clearly. If you decide to try this herb, which is said to help the brain, it might take a few weeks of regular use before you notice a difference. If you are taking other meds, talk to your doctor to make sure there's no issue with you taking it, or your pharmacist might be able to tell you if its ok with your meds. I don't think there are issues with gingko biloba and other meds, but its better to check and be sure.

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