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Does dissociation ever go away?

I have been going through dissociation for the past year and half now. I know what the root of the problem is.

My question is that if the root of the problem has been solved does dissociation go away or will it persist regardless?  

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    [Please 100% absolutely ignore the response someone put "Only for people that really have it instead of pity seeking idiots like you."][As to the person who mentioned connecting with Jesus, I completely support if that is your belief system. Just remember that Jesus still wants you to see a cardiologist if you have heart problems and a trained therapist if you have trauma so you can be healthier physically and better enjoy your connection with him.] There is no guarantee the disassociation will go away, but it is very possible. If the root cause is some type of trauma physical, sexual, or mental/emotional then you can often make huge progress if you work with a good therapist. Ideally, I recommend you work with a therapist that specializes in EMDR. Try to find one that has their entire practice based on EMDR. This is a technique that is designed to break-up the memory of the root cause(s) so your body can let go of it and let you become more associated in living in the present and focusing on your future. They focus more on getting rid of the root causes using very powerful methods. They focus less on "endlessly" talking about past root causes. There are other techniques can produce similar results but EMDR the best known by therapists in general. You can search for therapists around you and include EMDR in your search or can ask any therapist if they can recommend someone that specializes in EMDR. EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reconstruction. The therapist will have you do different exercises with your eyes (or some techniques that include other methods) which may seem weird but can be extremely effective. I've witnessed some people spend 10-15 years do the traditional "talk" therapy that don't

     get as good results as only 3, 10, 15 sessions of EMDR. I'm not saying talk therapy isn't good, but I am saying if you experienced trauma it is best to do EMDR and then do some follow-up talk therapy with that therapist or one they recommend to make sure things are continuing to move in the right direction. So hang in there! Ask for some help. Be your own best advocate, unless you already have one, and realize that a few weeks or months of effective therapy can create a much more fulfilling life for many years to come!

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    I personally think the only way is to have a personal intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, but I'm sure there are other avenues for this, not sure what psychotherapy type avenues there are.

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    In some cases, it's difficult to tell how this issue has occurred. Uneasiness is regularly the reason, or discouragement. The expression "separation" alludes to various issues, so I can't offer you any guidance but to get proficient assistance.

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     Some people suffer with their their entire sad life zxjqk

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    no it is a pretty wicked and complex thing.  It happens to gifted/ empathic women who have been introduced to trauma more frequently than males.

    regardless it doesn't go away.  It gets worse.

    Is it trauma related or something else?

    how frequent/what kind?  a lot matters you failed to tell us about

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    Sometimes, it's hard to tell how this problem has happened. Anxiety is often the cause, or depression. The term "dissociation" refers to different disorders, so I can't give you any advice except to get professional help.

    Some therapists have begun working on the phone. You can call your doctor and ask about this.

    Legally, a therapist can work over the phone with anybody in the same state. Some insurance companies cover phone therapy. You can use the Psychology Today Find a Therapist feature to get a list of therapists in your state, find out who’s working by phone, and what kinds of problems they specialize in

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    Only for people that really have it instead of pity seeking idiots like you.

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    I think I would try to get treatment if I were you, and ask your doctor or therapist these questions. It seems like its really bugging you. 

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