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smash 5 question?

i did all modes even beat least 3 cruel smash enemies

got 5 stars vs five level 9s on squad strike finished classic with all fighters won story mode a while agp all times and got at least a 5 mil higj gsp single fighter and my total online gsp is close to 9 mil same for offline in classic again

half my dlc i bought and the other half i got as miis

finally i even made all spirit teams fourty

and made or used ever stage possible 

so what should i do i smash five now that all offline and online is complete

i was thinking of picking back up brawl again but i had over ten thousand hours on both games


i even made extra non dlc miis and filled the mii section too

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    keep playing super sudden death since thats the main endless mode

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