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Someone hacked into my boyfriend’s phone and is blackmailing him? How should I help him deal with the situation?

So my boyfriend is currently at marine basic training, and someone from outside of the country hacked into his phone and got a video of him masturbating (when he was 17, a minor). She has been messaging him with it, threatening to send it to his family and friends if he doesn’t pay her. Unfortunately, before he left for basic training he paid her $600. She has now been messaging me asking for me to pay money for it, but I’m not about to do that. I have reported her Instagram and Facebook accounts in hopes of her getting banned, but what else should I do? She has a nude video of an unconsenting minor and has been blackmailing him for some time now. That is definitely a felony here in the US, and I figured out she is from Singapore. Should I report this to authorities or what because I’m sure this lady is doing the same thing to several people. 

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    Follow these simple steps:

    1) stop paying money.  (him)

    2) He owns what he has done.

    3) he lets everyone that might be contacted know about the blackmail and advise them not to pay.  (he just says he was caught in a compromising situation).

    4) install anti-virus sotfware on the phone and IF there is a real hack, remove it.

    5) he chaulks up the $600 loss as "life education tuition" and LEARNS from his mistake.   (in the least he should know enough to put tape over his cam if he is going to use the phone for private things).

    6) you both step back and realize that what you THINK you know about this blackmailer, you are probably wrong.  Is "she" really female?  You only know what you have been told.... including what your BF has TOLD you about how this happened.  

    Sadly it is unlikely you will ever get to see any legal reprecussions come out of this nor will he get his money back.   Don't worry - the Marines will help him build a character:  maybe not one to not do dumb stuff like this again, but at least a stiff enough backbone to shoulder the situations he creates.

    Good luck.  Hope thsi helps.

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     Could be the Russians.......trying to get leverage on him so they can get him later to do things for them or else.....

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    In Jesus name this person stops hacking into this mans phone in Jesus name we pray amen! Thank you Jesus Christ 

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    Tell her you have her number and will report her for blackmailing and intent to distribute child porn

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    With someone out of the country there is little you really can do.  I would certainly not pay another dime to her.  Everything you said is accurate about what could happen to her in this country, but I can't imagine how you can get to her in Singapore..IF that even is where she is located.   I might write to the Singapore embassy with a description of the issue with specific name of the guy and ask if they feel they can help.  I don't know if they will, but if they did and catch her, I believe their law system can have some painful penalty for her. 

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    No one hacked his phone. He sent that video.  US authorities cannot do anything to someone in Singapore.

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    File a report with the FBI and maybe NCIS, they should investigate that, since 1 it involves a minor, and 2 a federal employee.

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    You get on Yahoo Answers, you did the right thing, a Yahoo Crisis Team is being dispatched now. 

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    do nothing and forget about it

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