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Do I deserve therapy?

I recently got out of a abusive relationship and they emotionally manipulated me and threatened suicide if I left. I have a lot of trauma that has crippled me everyday since they broke up with me. I do have depression which has been up and down these past few years. I know the obvious answer is “yes, go to therapy” but everyone around me makes it feel like it wasn’t a big deal. I struggled with this even while dating my partner. A lot of people just told me that I should’ve been happy because my partner seemed to “protect” me. Protect as in not letting me see my friends because they would get jealous and think I was cheating on them with any of my friends. I don’t know if I deserve therapy because there are people who have gone through much worse. All I’ve had was just an annoying partner for almost five years. Should I just move on? 

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  • Donna
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    1 month ago

    No, you've been harmed a lot and can use therapy. Lots of people are idiots, and if they are making you feel bad, then just stop talking to them about these things. They just might not be able to understand or they might be really selfish. When you see a therapist, if they make you feel the same way, try a different therapist. There are just a lot of mean people out there right now, but if you find someone with compassion and understanding, it will help you a lot.

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