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Can my betta fish live without a filter for a day?

I'm a new fish owner (4 female Betta's) and I got an air pump and it only had one hose but now I have to get a new duo air pump for my fish tank to put a filter and this oxygen bubble maker. I'm sending the old one back to get the one that has two holes and it should be coming tomorrow. Can the Betta fish be okay from like 8:30am -5 or 6pm until I get home because that's when the new one arrives. Also I have a sponge filter and right now with the airholes little bubbles come out of the top. Did I install this correctly? 

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    A sponge filter is a filter and is actually great for bettas since they don't have a strong flow like some other filters. The bubbles are supposed to come out of the top. 

    Are you keeping them together? Female bettas can fight. Its important they have a tank that's at least 20 gallons with plenty of places to hide. You will need to keep an eye on them to make sure they are not fighting and separate them if necessary. 

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    Bettas can go without a filter for a day, and you probably did install the bubble filter correctly

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    Yeah, it'll be ok for a day, but I would try your best not to let it go any longer than that because the filter is really important. It not only cleans but provides them with the oxygen they need, so leaving it for too long would not be good. I would suggest that you also buy some sort of plant to put into the tank with them, just for any future situations where something like this happens again, as the plant will help maintain enough oxygen levels for them to live comfortably. From what I can see about sponge filters, it looks like the air bubbles are supposed to come out of the top, so it's probably fine. If you're worried about it though:

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    Hope that helps. Good luck.

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