Can you get kicked from a roblox game that doesn't require chatting for not chatting?

My son  is the appropriate  age to be on roblox but he has autism, he cannot speak, has a kindergarten reading level  and does not speak on roblox at all.  He just mostly likes obstacle courses on roblox but sometimes plays other games.  Lately he keeps getting kicked off of every game he logs into by what seems to be a moderator, I'm  not sure. I think maybe the think he is a bot because he does strange things and does not speak at all in the Chat boxes.  I have even typed  that he has autism and won't chat in the chat box before hand and he does still  tend to get kicked.  Its been happening all week.  I understand  this happening with some games where you have to communicate  but its been happening in not all games but quite a bit where communicating is not important. 

1 Answer

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