How old is too old to buy for a used car ?  RE: Is this car a good deal? ?

Here’s the deal : I’ve been looking for a used car with my price range less than $4,000 , didn’t matter to me what year or model. I found this 2003 Ford Mustang online with 158k miles and a clean title for $3500. It just had maintenance done to it (engine , tires, alignment,etc. ) and no body damage. I’m going to test drive it Tomorrow. Everyone I talk to about it is telling me not to waste my time. So I’m wondering what you guys think. Anyone who knows about cars . Is it worth it or should I keep looking? 

All answers welcome. Thanks 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The number of miles isn't as important as the maintenance. Ask to see the records. Is it a V8, or a six? Convertible or coupe? GT or Cobra? Actually, $4000 isn't a bad price, IF, it really hasn't been in an accident & there's maintenance records (and a clean title). You need to do a CARFAX.

  • 1 month ago

    Ask a mechanic to check it out and get an insurance quote

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    1. It is classed as a sports car.  Insurance is high. If the car is Red, then higher for insurance.

    - if you are MALE 16+ to 25 Insurance is highest.

    That's OK. You can get a job and earn that money.

    No different than ANY OTHER MALE DRIVER. WE ALL PAY THE HIGH AMOUNT.  Insurance has your balls over a raging fire and they are a sadistic lot.

    2. Maintenance done on it.? Engine -could mean changed spark plugs and changed air filter. & oil change (so under $50)  Tires would have to be done if they were BALD just to be road legal. (he can buy a decent tire at the Junkyard for $5 so could get 4 tires for $20.    Alignment maybe cost him $35 from some shop. (so far his supposed expenses could be $105.00 on an 18 year old car.   THAT IS HARDLY LIKELY the reality.FORD=FixOrRepairDaily (or FoundOnRoadDead)"Etc." MEANS NOTHING TO ME. Price of nothing=$0. There ain't no such thing as ETC.   Everything has a price. Tell us exactly and we know generally what schit costs. (they CAN BE HIGHER[also they can be lower]

    No body damage? Yeah, that is the work of a good auto body shop.  You can't tell if it has been Front ended, Rear ended, or Rolled.  Sometimes a T Bone will escape notice. They do good work.

    . What you sit in is the car TODAY.  It did not ask about your school grades or your sexual experiences (aka your history) So you can't find out of its history.

    . What you see is what you get. > a Mustang II<

    Personally I would rather chance it on a 66 Original Mustang with the straight 6 in it(carburetor) or a 69-70BOSS MUSTANG(carburetor) with an original429V8 with 4 speed transmission over your PoS.(which has NO VALUE to collectors of Stangs)

    .  Fantastic...THEY TOO (ALSO) have no body damage.

    Sure, they are not as fast as Tesla; but THEY SOUND BETTER...& it is a hell of a smoke show...from RWD.

    That is, if I was into FORDS.  I am not.

    Time for you to Learn about cars and buy something you can afford to pay cash and if you lose the  car= no big deal.  Buy another beater.  Any car will do. A 4 door is cheaper to insure than a 2 door. Some I don't even bother washing.  It is a tool and you got to learn the basics.  The basics you can do to the newest car because they still exist.

    How old is too old.  If it is a pile of rust in a barrel(then there is no car) I would walk away.

    However I have no problem looking at cars that are 30+ years old. Some run just fine.  Insurance will be PL&PD or (minimum coverage)  If your car gets damaged you will have to fix it yourself with a hammer and visit junk yards for body parts. & do it yourself.  Less computer tech as it is Carburetors.

  • 1 month ago

    Offer $2500. 2003 wasn't their worst year, but that car has a lot of miles for a Ford. If honestly it belonged to a little old lady who only drove it on weekends, I give it a maybe. How are your mechanic skills? If you don't know your way around a garage, forget it.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    you're probably going to regret it. 99% of the time a person sells a car, there are problems/ things they dont like about it and they just dont feel like dealing with it any more.

    you need to look at other cars if this is your first car. like a toyota corolla or camry. look at more vehicles using autotempest or autotrader. find one that has a good exterior condition and then expect little things to break here and there. have money saved up for tools and parts so you can fix things yourself.

    yeah if this is your first car i would not get a mustang. gas will be higher. insurance will be higher. that car was redlined almost every day for the past 20 years. the transmission can fail any time now. 

    i tried to buy a "sports car" for my first car. it fell apart. transmission was slipping a year later. get a toyota corolla or camry because there's less of a chance that the car was abused. and toyota parts are widely available. there's lots of them in scrapyards too if you need a transmission or a body panel or something.

  • Anton
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    I ** HATE ** plastic.  At about 20 years, the plastic in cars becomes brittle and things break.  You would be far better with a vehicle that is 10 years newer non-sporty.

  • F
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Mustangs were pretty poor from 1973 to 2005. Woefully under powered ( 3.8 V6 145 bhp, 4.6 V8 205bhp ) and horribly styled.

    If it’s $4000, probably needs at least that spending on it.

    Find a Subaru WRX instead. Make sure there’s no rust ( from a warm state), and you’ll have something far more reliable with way better performance than that era of Mustang.

  • 1 month ago

    This might have been some some old man's cream puff that he pampered to no end or it might have been through several would-be street racers who drove the snot out of it. (just the kind of people who are attracted to mustangs.

          If it has been well maintained, do not go above $2500.

  • 1 month ago

    If I were buying a cheap older car to daily drive I sure wouldn't buy a sports car.  Sports cars usually live hard lives.  I'd go with an old GM sedan with a 3800 V6 or an old Camry or something else boring/reliable that wasn't built just to be driven hard by an aggressive, usually younger driver.  If you want a good sports car save yourself some heartache and buy one new(ish) later when you've got a better budget 

  • 1 month ago

    If thats all you can afford then thats what you get, an 18 year old car might run well for a while but you just have to accept that every mechanical component in the car is close to the end of its life, dont expect to drive the car for a few years without shelling out a few thousand bucks to keep it running, if you drive a car that old expect to be replacing parts every few months, unless you can scrounge used parts from a junkyard it may get very expensive.

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