POC, is this the media i should be following to be supportive?

Im a member of LGBTQ+, dating a POC, and 16 years old. I joined a FB group thats meant to help white people unlearn racism. One reason that im trying to put extra effort in is-Their the reason i can be who i am today, they stood up for the lgbtq+ community and believe groups that are discriminated against should stick together and help eachother. I tried to join the protests, but my parents wouldnt let me due to the risks. I have a question about the FB group im in though. Some of what ive seen: "white people cant use poc language (slay/yas queen)" "if a white person asks a question, they should ask for the POC who answer it for their paypal/cashapp and send them money for emotional labor" "white people cant use any practices that came from POC (smudging, for example)" "white people cannot use POC fashion (eyebrow cuts, makeup tricks/trends)" "white people cant wear clothing that has anything with BLM, MLK, rosa parks, or anything similar on their clothes for black awareness month or MLK day, and should instead do something meaningful like give money directly to POC or black owned businesses" "All white people are racist and will always be racist, so they should be trying to uproot this whenever possible" "white people cannot share posts that are meant for POC".

 My partner says this group is extremist and goes too far, especially for making white people pay others for answering questions.  Im not sure how best to navigate this situation. Options? (From POC please)


Okay so far the only people whoes answered are racist assholes. Let me say this-if you use the N word, you are racist. If you see other people as less then you based on their skin-you are racist. For ***** sake, if you think all POC should "talk like their from the g*tto" (reported that one), YOU ARE RACIST. this question IS NOT for you. I want to know what POC think about these rules because i am genuinely concerned if these rules are the best way to support other peoes cultures. Thank you. 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You are dating a Piece Of Crap? 😆 LMFAO. Lol

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago


    I dunno how true this is... but if it is... you should look at what its really saying. 

    "You have white privilege. Level the playing field by dumbing yourself down."

    🥴 But knowledge is power. Continue learning about whats out there and address what bugs you. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    This is the fakest question I've ever seen

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