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Can I sue tenant for the following reasons? What can be done to stop the problem?

My mother has been renting out a house to a family that has section 8. Unfortunately the tenants have been a huge nuisance to my mother who has medical conditions and can't really maneuver her way since shes 65 years old. The tenant does not let my mother into the house for inspection and does not answer the door or phone. She calls or leaves letters whenever a repair is needed, and she will not answer the door when we hire someone to fix a leaky pipe or electrical issue. We have brought this issue to Section 8's attention and they have done nothing. If we don't fix any damages my mother does not get rent from section 8 because of policy. We wanted them evicted at some time so we asked Section 8 for help and suggestions. They instructed us to write the eviction letter which served no purpose because they later said we couldn't do that? Section 8 is no help, we already told them about these problems as well as the tenant breaking rules on the contract, they also have another family living in the house when it should only be the tenant and her sons. As well as her sons smoking weed at the front porch. I don't know what to do in this case , can my mother sue for causing so much trouble?


The reason I am asking on this website is because I have no one to help me, im barely graduating high school and I'm afraid my mother is being taken advantage from because of her age ( 65+ senior) and has medical conditions, she has to carry an oxygen tank with her everywhere and has been in and out of the hospital. Slander me all you want.  

Update 2:

Also , I do have to mention im in no hurry for money. I want the tenant out but I'm unsure how to kick them out! I'm tired of having to witness the tenant take our mail (we live in a house behind them) and be late on bills. The tenant ignoring our 48 hour notices and whenever my mother has a chance to talk to her outside the tenant ignores her completely. This has nothing to do with " Evil Landlords" 

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    It seems too complicated. It is a story about wolves and sheeps.  It is not about  rightness or wrongness. This is a world of jungle. It belongs to overmatch. Be srong and be smart. Otherwise, forget about landlord's thing.

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    The system is certainly against landlords and now, with COVID, it's even worse as President Biden just signed an executive order that a tenant not paying rent can't be evicted. What I would do is every time the sons smoke weed on the front porch call 911 and report the marijuana party that's going on. As for the tenant stealing your Mom's mail, install a camera, photograph that, and sent a complaint along with the photographs to the Postal Inspectors who have full authority of arrest. Stealing mail is a Federal crime. 

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    Your mother should discuss all of this with a lawyer.  Even though the tenant is Section 8..........I do believe they still have to follow rules............

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    You need to get an attorney to help you. Call legal aid and see if there is someone who can assist in writing or delivering the eviction notice. These tenants are pretty bad. 

    As far as stealing mail from you--that's a federal offense. They aren't allowed to take or open mail which is not addressed to them--and the police will probably assist with that. The weed smoking on the front porch is the same--get law enforcement involved. Make complaints to the police. 

    As far as Section 8, i don't know why they are refusing to enforce their own rules--but the attorney will sort that out too, hopefully. 

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    Why would section 8 help your mother do her job?  She's the landlord.  And why is she believing low-life tenants about not being allowed to evict them.  Of course she can evict them - non payment of rent, and the other several lease violations - changing the lock/not allowing her in for inspections, illegal drugs smoked on the premises, others living at the premises who are not on the lease, etc.  If your mother intends to continue to be a landlord, she had better learn her rights and grow a backbone.  EVICT!

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    If the lease month to month, then give them notice to leave and evict them if they don't.  If the lease is currently running, then wait until it becomes month to month and then give them notice to leave and evict if they don't.  The letter you need to write now is giving them notice to leave not an eviction notice (yet).

    Regarding section 8, (mostly the ones in less populated areas) some of the section 8 offices are great, will help you to solve all problems, will send violation notices to tenants as needed, will really make it easier for you. Some section 8 offices (mostly the ones is cities) are terrible, they will do nothing to help you out, in fact they'll get in your way and make it more difficult for you to do your job (apparently hoping to get the tenant some free rent, I guess). 

    So, don't depend on section 8 to do anything (this section 8 seems on the bad side though I actually think they are making some effort to give you decent advice - they aren't as bad as some, I assure you). 

    You need to handle this yourself and the way to do it is to give them notice to leave, as soon as you can, and evict them if they don't.

    Also, if you don't get paid the rent for whatever reason and this isn'tyour fault, then I'd go ahead and start an eviciton for nonpayment of rent.  If the tenant and section 8 are messing up and that's why you aren't getting paid, then they'll probably at least get you the rent rather than have to go to court and face a judge. If the reason you aren't getting the rent is really something you have messed up, then you'll likely lose in court and be wasting your time, so make sure this isn't your mistake.

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    When does their lease run out?  30 days bfor  that, give them notice in writing that it will not be renwd.

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    Not letting people in to fix issues with the house does break the rental rules. Write the letter,  keep a copy of that and begin the eviction process.  

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    No. She can only file for eviction. She can sue for damages to the property but that will go nowhere with someone who doesn't pay full rent. She can win a money judgment but she will never collect a dime of it.

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    1 month ago

    Section 8 is not your mother's personal assistant.   She needs to hire an attorney if you are unable to help her. 

    Yahoo Answers is not the place for legal advice. 

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