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Im in need of serious help, I cant let my husbands past go, do I need therapy?

My husband is a darkskin black man, he said was teased & not a popular kid. He has always had a preference for white women & told me that he was treated well among them. Im mixed race so it was whatever, I on the other hand was not treated well among black ppl so I kind of understood. 

Early in our relationship he admitted to sleeping with other women and I didn't think too much of it because we werent serious. A year in, I go thru his messages and was shocked, these women were prostitutes, drug addicts, one was pregnant with another mans baby, another was married. They stole from him, used him, called him the N word when mad and there was a lot of drama, him begging for their time that I instantly lost respect for him, his reasoning for race preference was a lie & the type of females he choose was nothing like me. I have never done drugs or prostitution and I also don't steal, I have a degree and work in healthcare.

He told me he was at a low point, I tried to let it go and married him 2 years later. I still see hes messaging females that are into drugs, even the women that stole from him. he claims they are friends and I am judgemental. Im finding myself snapping more and more over this. Especially because he likes to call certain females ugly or talk about certain female attitudes, I honestly hate that. I feel how dare he could when I know the type of female he been with.

At the same time I married him knowing this but im still very disgusted by it. 

I need help. 

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    You need more than just therapy.  Amongst other things you need to empathize with your husband.  I have looked at females other than my wife and even been excited by them.  Yet there is only one woman I wish to be with day after day.

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    I would say you need therapy, and possibly couples counseling as well. Go for it.

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