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Can I clone my HHD to a brand new SSD?

The HDD is 500GB and according to my computer there's 388GB free of 448GB making around 60GB used. Once install the SSD I want to clone windows from the HDD to thw new SSD. I was planning to use a 120GB SSD but I worry it won't be enough. I don't want to wipe everything and start over, I prefer to clone and keep my current windows system.

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  • Ivanex
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    well, you may clone the "system partitions and boot" to the ssd, and leave other stuff in the hhd.

    generally its kind of a rule to  install in the ssd the OS and heavy programs, and the rest just in a hhd (since a 500 gb ssd is still expensive)

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    SSDs are cheap.  get at least a 250 Gb model.  the 120 Gb one, once you add a few other programs, isn't really big enough for windows 10.  one uses "mirror" software to move the contents of your HDD to the SSD.  Be prepared for the Microsoft popup asking for your product key and you may have to phone in to their support center to get Windows to initialize properly [Windows memorizes the hard drive it is installed on and trying to put it on a different one can lead to Microsoft wondering if you're trying to copy the o/s  to a different computer without paying.] -- grampa

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    Yes, but my view is that you should buy at least a 500GB unit. You may regret buying a small one later. I installed a 1 TB SSD myself.

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  • VP
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    2 months ago

    1. If the new SSD is larger than the "Used Space" amount -- you're good to go for the cloning procedure.


    2. Only you know if 120 GB is enough space for you. If you've had that computer for a couple of years and only used 60 GB -- you may be ok.  Most of us, however, clone to a drive of equal or larger size.

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