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Dream interpretation?

In my dream I met a coiled rattlesnake on a dusty road in the desert mountains. I know him and he knows me. He does not rattle his tail, but raises his head. I sit by him on the road, and without speaking we said hello and knew one another as friends. In this way we said many things to each other, though I do not remember what they were, I remember feeling comfort, wisdom and protection. 

When I stand up to leave it is with an intense sadness, as if I was leaving my oldest friend, closest lover, or most dear family member behind. Thinking about it now I still feel profound sorrow, it is as if I left a piece of my soul on the road. 

I looked back at the rattlesnake and the rattlesnake was both there and not there, both dead and alive. And, when I looked away and to move down the road that I -must- go down I wake.

It is the first time I remember this dream, but I have had the dream many times before. I would like some help understanding it.

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