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Baby dream?

My first dream about a week ago was I had a dream I was in my old room in the mirror giving birth to a baby by myself pulling it out of me ; not pregnant have never been what does that mean

And tonight I had a dream I was in the hospital just gave birth to a newborn baby boy  what could these dream mean

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    It can mean a 1000 things or nothing.  Dreams are highly dependent on you: your lifestyle, thoughts and worries, even that last movie you watched.   Any dream interpreter worth their salt will turn the question around and ask you, what YOU think it might mean?  Second question, is there been ANYTHING in your life that has made you think about babies or giving birth in the last 6 months?  OK, what about anything related, such as parenthood, children, marriage, or given you were by yourself, what about loneliness or abandonment?  Don't forget that dreams are just triggers of different thoughts and memories and the sleeping brain may interpret them different than awake.

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