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Why do white people love pasta and stuff like that so much?

I went to a friend's house for 3 days while my parents drove to an uncle's place to see his son who has cancer. 

Anyway, on the first day, her mom served spaghetti. On the second day, it was lasagna and than on the third day, we had  enchiladas which were good. But is this what white people love to eat? Technically, I'm pale skinned too since I'm lebenese. I eat all kinds of foods and we rarely ever make spaghetti. I have nothing against white people. I love my friend and her parents. 

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    Pasta is cheap and filling, and taste-neutral, changing with the sauces used on it and any meat or cheese added to it. Lots of people eat pasta as a basic part of their daily diet.

    Others have their carbs in other forms--breads/pita/naan/etc., tortillas, rice, potatoes, grains.

    Nearly everyone likes the three dinners you mention, and that's probably a part of why they served them, not knowing for sure what you might like.

    Sorry about your cousin's cancer.

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    You're LebAnese and are classified "Caucasian" along with other white people.  I'm Greek and we eat mostly small square needles in dishes with sauces.

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    It has a lot to do with work.  It's easy to make/get and is filling 

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    Sounds like what I typically eat ... more or less.

    Although my family comes from Italy, the US national motto is written in the Roman language. I'm not sure why it would seem odd to serve those foods.

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    That's just their individual choice; I rarely eat pasta.

  • 1 month ago

    Because pasta is GOOOOD

  • 1 month ago

    Because pasta is delicious

    Why do lebenese eat sharwarma all the time?

  • Isn’t that what Italians and Spanish people eat ??? 

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