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How to prevent dizziness?

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    Don't spin yourself around.

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    Please talk with your GP (general practitioner) and he or she may refer you to an ear, nose & throat (ENT) specialist to help rule out an inner ear (vestibular) disorder.

    For those with an inner ear and/or balance issues, vestibular rehab *might* help, such as by a physical therapist or occupational therapist.  One usually needs a 'script from a medical doctor before receiving therapy.

    Here is a website for more general info re: vestibular disorders (however, *not* for self-diagnosis or self-treatment & certain disorders may worsen w/ specific exercises):

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    In terms of consuming, drink lemon juice for temporary relief from dizziness. Lemon juice mostly helps people from overcoming dizziness. Also, if lemon juice doesn't work, drink some buttermilk.

  • If you are getting unexplained dizziness, see a doctor.  Most explanations are simple and benign, but before you try to fix it, get a doctors advice in case it's something requiring medical intervention.  Brandt Daroff exercises train your brain not to be dizzy, but if you do them without getting a doctor's advice, it could mask conditions such an Meniere's disease.

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    Stop spinning around all the time on your skates?

    Go see a doctor, for crying out loud.

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