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Is is normal to spend $14,000 on clothing in 7 months?

I have calculated how much I spent on clothing in the past seven months and it’s just shy of $14,000. I legitimately did not know it was that much (i in no way mean to sound rude or anything but I’m 17 and my dad pays for everything ://). I’ve put a stop to online shopping so the only money I’m spending now is really on food, but what is the average amount of money teenagers spend on clothing? I got carried away I guess by being at home all day in the pandemic but I just want to know if it’s in a way “okay” that I spent this (like if it’s not totally insane) or how much money a month I really should be spending or is the average?- the $14,000 was in the span of about 7 months. 

(I know people are probably gonna give me mean answers but I legitimately want to know as my parents never really taught me anything financially and just gave me money instead but I want to be smarter with it now)


Thanks all for helping me become more aware of it. 

I even went to the mall today and didn’t buy any clothes which sounds stupid but Was definitely more aware. 

Unfortunately, i can’t get a job because my parents won’t let me. I’m not lying when I say I’ve begged them to let me but they don’t want it to distract me from school. 

For now all my money will come from my parents but hopefully I’ll be able to do it on my own and be financially smart. 

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    It's an awful lot for a teen to spend on clothes - especially during a pandemic when one isn't going anywhere or doing anything!

    I suppose if one were a TV personality (newscaster for meteorologist, Kelly Ripa,) and you were *expected* to wear new clothes every day, that would be different.

    I don't think my boss spends that much on clothing in a year, and he owns a clothing store. He promotes the idea that one can own fewer clothes and take care of them, and accessorize / combine them different ways for different occasions.

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    I think you need to get a job and start paying your father back.  That's so abusive of him it is criminal.  I spent $7,000 in one year (when I calculated) but that was 40 years ago and it was MY OWN money.

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    No, it's a ridiculous amount to spend on clothes.  You obviously have no concept of the value of money, that's more than many people earn.  It's also bad for the environment unless you're going to never buy any more clothes and wear all of those until they're worn out.  That amount of money is more than enough for a lifetime's supply of clothing.

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