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Does the herbal cure for Type 2 Diabetes, Ceracare work?

  There is a remedy that is herbal that claims to cure people of type 2 Diabetes in 6 months for $294, limited time offer.  The company has won awards for dementia improvements here and in the U.K., according to wikipedia.  They have been around for 3 years but no real reviews, and what looks like fake webpages.  Is it a scam?

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    Most herbal meds have no proven efficacy - type 2 diabetes can't be cured by herbal meds

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    I have researched this here in the UK and NOWHERE does it say it has won awards for anything, in fact. I cannot find them on any UK site. of course it is a Scam there are NO herbal cures for any disease. You may as well get an old Granny to mix up some herbs and plants and try that and save yourself a lot of money.


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    I'd tend to be sceptical about anything that claims to have the words herbal, remedy and cure in the description. Especially if it has a cost given.

    For type 2 diabetes the best thing is either change your diet to reduce sugars and carbs or if you are unwilling to do that go with what your doctor prescribes.

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    The wording sounds sketchy to me. "Herbal remedy." "limited time offer of $294!" I wouldn't buy it, personally. It seems fake. I'd rather invest the money in proven treatments (not experimental ones).

    An affordable way to lower HbA1c is to cut down significantly on carbohydrates, exercise routinely (with resistant weights and strength training), and to take medication as prescribed. A family member of mine lowered her A1c from 11 to 5.5 in 3 months by changing her diet and lightly exercising (walking on the treadmill).

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    --  Yes, it is a scam.

    --  No, it does not. Type-2 diabetes can not be cured, only maintained with either tablets and/or insulin injections. It is also good if a person looks after their diet.

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