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Could the President of the USA wear a uniform?

If so, what would it look like? What would his rank and insignia be?

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    By law, the President is a civilian so he would not wear a military uniform. He does not have military rank per-se but he is the Commander-in-Chief of all US military forces. He out ranks everyone.

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    No, the entire idea is that the president MUST be a Civilian. 

    Certainly , Eisenhower ran on his incredible  military record  but had to RESIGN his Military commission in order to take office. 

    He did NOT wear his uniform , while in office. 

    As an HONOR  to him,  his successor,  John F. Kennedy, re-instated his commission, once he left office. ----allowing him to appear in his Uniform again, if he so wished for any reason. 

    Thru-out history.....there are dozens of portraits of  Presidents in their Military Uniforms....... but NOT while serving AS President. 

    These portraits are of their  years of service,  not as their time as President. 

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    If he wanted to do it he could except it would upset a lot of people since the military is suppose to be under the control of civilian authority.  

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    At the heart of the US military is the principle that the Commander in Chief is a civilian. It's an important safeguard and important distention. Tin horn Banana Republic dictators wear military uniforms. In our democracy, the Commander in Chief wears civilian garb.

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    Yes. Two have worn a military uniform while in office, though not always. They're also the only two Presidents who were commonly designated by their military rank of "General" while in office, instead of by the honorific "President." These two are Washington and Eisenhower. 

    Nowadays, we call them President George Washington and President Dwight D. Eisenhower, but when they were in office, they were both commonly called General, i.e., General Washington and General Eisenhower. Both did wear their military uniform while in office, but only for military functions, not for day-to-day activities.

    By the way, "General" is the only military title/rank one can carry into the Office of President of the United States. If a President were to have been, for example, a colonel, that President would never be called "Colonel" instead of "President." So if you've been a general in the US military and become President, you can opt for the honorific "General" instead of "President," because unless stripped of rank due to dishonor, once a general, always a general.

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