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Why does god say it's a sin to "worship" the sun?

I'm not your typical christian. But I am into spirituality. Some would call me a "hippie" a "weirdo" or what ever you wanna say. Just because I know that we are infinite souls. We are all one. 1 mass consciousness of the universe. I do know that their is some kind of higher force or creator. I also meditate daily.

I sungaze every morning. we need vitamin D and sungazing makes you more calm after doing. I see nothing wrong with it,  but I heard that it says in the bible that it's bad to do that. Why?

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    There is a commandment saying to worship only the one true God and not to have false idols.  Worshipping anyone or anything else is a sin.

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    1 month ago

    This is something that should be talking about over dinner.

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