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Can anyone point out the last time any Republicans uttered the words "protect democracy" or "save democracy"?  Others all over the world do?

but not Republicans for some reason. Maybe they have and I just missed it.


My guess would be it was maybe G H Bush who was the last one who may have spoke in favor of democracy.

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    China is a fascist capitalist country. They are run by authoritarians with everyone free to make as much money as they want through their own efforts. There are no social safety nets there. Whatever you can manage to save is what will see you through when you're old. It's very much dog eat dog there. Figuratively. Sometimes literally, but the world is working on changing that one. 

    Republicans do not like, have never liked, democracy in any form. They've shown this with their latest coup attempts, with wanting to install an authoritarian figurehead. They don't like people voting, they don't like people other than themselves or what they consider one of their own, participating in the election process. We see this with voter suppression laws, with gerrymandering, with trying to not allow mail in ballots or ballots mailed in from overseas military or people living and working abroad, etc.  

    We also will begin seeing just how awful and treasonous Republicans have been and still are. Can't wait to see the apologetics tour de forces that will happen here in the politics section, as well as the far right radical PR-prone talking heads of Fox News and the QAnon weirdos. Can't wait. Kevin McCarthy has already tried to blame everyone in America for the attempted coup on the 6th. How's that working out, MAGAts? 

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    It is true that some people think they get Brownie points for saying things like "protect democracy" or "save democracy". They usually talk of democracy when they have just done or want to do something undemocratic. They also use it as a club to beat their opponents with.

    They then repeat such phrases ad nauseam until you start to believe they were right. The MSM are fully compliant.

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    America is not a democracy, so no politician who observes the spirit of the Constitution would say that at all.  That plenty of Dims say it, suggests either that they don't understand the Constitution or that they do and wish to change the country into a majority rules democracy [how well is that working in Chicago?]

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    Either English isn't your first language or you ain't listening.

    Like the Military, Every Elected Member of our Government takes an Oath to Defend the Constitution that created and governs our Democratic Republic. 

    - and Biden's is to "Preserve, Protect and Defend the US Constitution"....

    Will he be a man of his word or give in to the Left Wing Nut Bags trying to re-write it so they can cancel the Rights it safe guards and guarantees?

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    Yeah when Democrats cheated. Why are you stupid? 

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    Funny Democrats care about democracy only when it doesn't come to election security. 

    Stop the steal is about preserving our democracy. 

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    I am sure you were told to make a point or your children would starve, but Google Translate failed you again...

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    America is a constitutional republic. Democrats don't know that and sure don't care about democracy by selecting biden.

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    Republicans are very outspoken about their hatred for democracy. They say democracy has no place in a republic. They say “democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on who to eat for dinner.”

  • Ok, lol, stop the steal, must be to elaborate of a conception for you to ingest, smh.

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