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How to make basement walls nicer looking?

We recently re mortarted basement walls and we are trying to make walls nice looking without completely finishing walls with dry wall etc.  How do we make the re mortarted walls look nice and clean looking without spending a lot of money?

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    Your only cheap option is probably to give them a coat of white masonary paint to help protect / seal it + give the lighting a better colour to bouce off.

    Only thing other than that is to go the whole hog with framing, insulation, drywall, skim coat, lining paper + paint or wallpaper.

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    Prime the walls and then paint using an easy to clean high gloss anti mold paint. 

    Do it correct once to save money.

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    here's a cheap solution -- run a stiff, solid wire from eyes or hooks at ceiling level, then hang floor to ceiling fabric from the wire.  You'd want it about 2 inches from the walls themselves [for safety - so the fabric doesn't touch any plugged in wires].  Even the coarser sheets can be used for this -- or a heavier fabric from a specialized fabric seller.  Comes in multiple colors and even patterns.  Also absorbs some of the sound that would normally bounce off the walls [reducing echoes].  -- grampa

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    Why did you put on mortar.  I am unacquainted with that type of finishing. Mortar is Concrete, mainly used for brick it sticks the bricks together. Dark grey mortar.

    . I live on the West Coast of N.A. and have NEVER seen mortared walls. All are wood walls with drywall or Feature Wall( thin sheets of plywood with a wood finish on them.  They are mainly for looks so base-ment is not a dark pit.

    . I guess you could put on Latex paint. Mortar usually needs a year of seasoning out in the rain and snow to get the lime out before the paint as lime is a paint stripper.

    . Or you can do it over with plaster of Paris. A hell of a lot of work.  It will be wet and humid for weeks.

    . which is WHY THEY started putting up stud walls and fastening the  DRYWALL TO THE STUDS. Faster and dryer...and done.

    Ask at your local building supply store. Someone in the drywall section.  Or check out their DIY pamphlets on home improvements.

    Honest, I don't know what the "fluck" you are doing.

    Have been only doing home construction for 35+yrs. 

    Understanding what part of the world you are in helps too.  Remember this computer asks everyone in the "world".  This is not just a U.S. site.

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