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Can a hospital bar a nursing student with a handicap permit from parking in a handicap spot?

I’m an LPN working on my last few RN classes. The hospital I’m doing my current clinical at requires students and staff to park about 1/4 mile away. I have a handicap permit and walking that far prior to my shift burns me out early and leaves me in a lot of pain. I was first told I could park in a handicap spot, then told I couldn’t, then told I could park by the main entrance but not in a handicap spot. This isn’t sitting right with me...if I have a legally obtained permit do I not have the right to park in any handicap spot?

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    I suspect that is because, to my knowledge, handicap parking spaces are intended for customers (patients in the case of a hospital) and not for the staff. She could call someone is ADA to determine if she has a legitimate claim to the parking spot.

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    I suspect she or he is still required to park in the handicap spot in staff parking. Not public parking, really do not understand why it would be a issue.

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    I believe they can designate certain areas for certain people (staff lots, customer lots etc). It does sound like they have made an effort to accommodate you though and sometimes it’s best not to make waves, especially if you won’t be there long. 

    To those people saying you can’t be a nurse with a disability, you couldn’t be more wrong. There are lots of reasons to have a handicap permit and there are jobs an LPN can do that are easier physically. When I started out as an LPN I worked at a jail. I’ll add I have severe hip dysplasia and I qualify for a permit though I have been reluctant to get it. My job at the jail was very doable for me even with my bad hip. I also worked in home care and that wasn’t too bad though it was a bit more difficult. I’m currently working in psych and like the jail this doesn’t involve constant moving/turning of patients so I can handle it. You nurses telling this person to toughen up could have a little empathy. 

    Source(s): I work as a nurse.
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    No. You do not have a right that right.. It is entirely legal for them to allow, say, attending physicians only in one lot. Not an attending physician? Don't use that lot. IT is entirely legal for them to have another lot for employees only. Not an employee? Don't use that lot. What they are legally required to do is provide reasonable accomodation.


    Sounds like they did that. They said you could park by the main entrance.

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    They don't have to. You CAN'T be a nursing student and QUALIFY for the permit. If you qualify for the permit, you are physically incapable of performing the essential duties of a nurse.

    You are a TROLL that doesn't know SQUAT about the requirements to be an LPN.

    Note: MANY people have to walk more than 1/4 mile from the building entrance to their work area.

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    You do not have the right to park in "any handicap spot".  Some handicap spots are reserved for specific handicapped persons.  Also, if only one space is wide enough for loading and unloading wheelchairs, that space might be reserved for vans transporting patients in wheelchairs, while someone who can walk a short distance and doesn't need a wheelchair would have to park in a space that is close enough, but is too narrow for the wheelchair loading and unloading.

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    Yes, employers can prohibit employees from parking in any areas intended for patrons of the business. You are not a customer and your permit notwithstanding, you are taking a spot intended for a customer.

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    They have to provide the right handicapped spaces in the employee parking area.  If they have and they are simply full, that is too bad.  If they have not, that is an issue.  Can they have an employee lot 1/4 mile away?  Yes.

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    WAIT A FRICKIN MINUTE. You want to be a nurse where you will be required to stand, walk, in general be on your feet 12 to 16 hours a day and you are complaining about a 1/4 walk?

    You say that walk burns you out and causes you a lot of pain? That walk takes what 10 minutes? And yet you see no problem working a 10 hour shift on your feet?

    You are in the wrong profession or a dumb troll

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    Well if they don't got handicap parking spaces for staff they discriminating so you can park in the customer space, no customer will know that the car ain't a customer car but anyway that's not even yo problem you got a right to park there that's what the spaces are for, people like you wit the permit 


    Nah y'all tripping, the person has a permit so it don't matter what their job is.  If they stayed home collecting welfare instead y'all would be criticizing for that too, so they get a job but you find something else to criticize.  There's a difference between walking a quarter mile in the cold across uneven concrete and walking the same distance indoors over a shift.  Damn this why disabled people just stay home on the dole cause when they try they got just as much judgment to deal wit ffs.

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