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How come 28-30 year olds seem more immature now compared to 30 years ago?

I recently visited my niece and they had a small party with her friends. She is 29 and her friends were in the 27-30 year age. Anyways, I noticed that this age group seems more immature than what I remember when I was that age back in the 80s/90s. They still were getting drunk at the party and taking pics of themselves drunk and posted in on their instagrams. Back in my day, I don’t remember ppl acting like this. Most had a wife/husband and children.

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    back in your day there was no instagram

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    Because they are more immature.  Back when you and I were that age, we partied and had fun but we also had life goals, jobs, responsibilities and a purpose that WE created.. not our parents.  We had a goal, whether it be a career or marriage or child, we went after our goals.  In todays world it seems that there are no life goals except "all about ME goal" and what "I" need and what I can get for free.  What can I do to create less work for ME, living life with parents because poor pitiful "ME" cannot hold down a job because of the snowflake syndrome.  Please.. dont get me started LOL.  I have one of those .. kids.. and its painful........

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    I rather be child at heart because its fun that way. As long as your paying your bills and can take care your family you can be childish if you want. Like I know I am old age wise but I agree that some 21 years old think they are babies like I was 19 working two jobs and going to school taking care of family never thought was a baby. So yes they are immature but certain innocent is needed 

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    You've become the adult now with age and responsibility!

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    It is because we are raising a bunch of snowflakes.

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    Nothing has changed.  The only difference is your perspective.  i am willing to bet you too were married by the time you were 28-30, and spending your time with other married couples.  I make this estimation because it was common back then just as it is today that the married people and the single people socialize separately most of the time, and you simply weren't aware of how single people your age continued to party in your absence,

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    You asked the same question but now you've changed the ages.

    Most 30 year olds I know are literally not as immature as you make it out to be. It's ok to let loose and have fun in life. You sound like a boring person. Not everyone wants to be boring and mature at all times. You can still be a goofball at any age. I'm 24 and I have my moments.

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