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In the quantum world, is there a Gaussian distribution? Are the chances of rolling a 12 the same as 7 in a 6 sided die?

This is my own question. 

The chances of all outcomes occurring are equally likely so that means rolling a six sided die and the chances of rolling a 7 are the same as rolling a 12?

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  • neb
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    I assume you mean a pair of 6 sided dice ...

    At the macroscopic level, quantum probability is not a factor. All combinations work off of classical probability.

    If we think of this at a conceptual level where the dice are quantum objects, not all possibilities are necessarily equally probable. Effectively, there is a probability associated with each possible state of a quantum dice and those probabilities may or may not be equally likely to occur depending on the ‘preparation’ of the quantum dice.

    You also haven’t to decide on what - of the many - reality interpretations you use. For instance, regardless of the probability to throw a particular value of the quantum dice, the many worlds interpretation says that all possibilities - regardless of how small - occur in parallel quantum ‘threads’ of reality. So, all combinations actually happen in that view.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Yes, on a single die the chances of rolling a 12 are the same as rolling a 7.

  • Joe
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    4 weeks ago

    Einstein said  "God does not play dice".  That was his response to the quantum world.

  • Vaman
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    1 month ago

    For 2 sixes, the chances are 1/36. But for 7, you have 6,1. 5, 2.  4,3.3,4. 2,5. 6,1, 6 combinations.

    Each will have 1/36, So the total will 6/36=1/6 chance.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    All outcomes are NOT equally likely. All outcomes are POSSIBLE.

  • 1 month ago

    the chances of rolling a 12 in a normal die, with numbers 1 thru 6, is ZERO. as is the chance of rolling a 7.

    that is true in the "quantum world" as in the one we live in.

  • Anonymous
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    I so wanted to answer this question.

    However, my answer is "Anonymous" as your post is Anonymous. I feel there is no need for an Anonymous question in this category.

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