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Was there any " civilization " in Australia prior to 1788?

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    Yes there was but it's interesting how despite it being "invasion day". No indingious people are in returning to their previous culture. Don't want to give up the money, clothes and cars.

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    No. There was culture, not civilisation.

    Civilisation comes from a Latin root meaning citizen, and citizen means the subject of a state.

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    I'd be I the side of no, there was no civil infrastructure, I guess you could say that the water hole system they had is civil infrastructure in some way but apart from that there's nothing.  Plus I doubt you could people who didn't use cooking or eating utensils as civilised.

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    That would be determined on how you define "civilization.

    I'm going to guess you mean cities and such, but you'd be completely wrong about what a civilization really is.

    I know the dictionary lists several requirements which includes a written language. So, the very next question would be even with a written language how much of the population would it require to have the skills to read?

    Were the Sumerians "civilized" before they started agriculture?  There aren't any archeological sites that does not include tools, tool making, brick making and pottery.  I'm pretty certain less than 1% of the people knew how to read or write.

    My point is, over 90% of Europe didn't know how to read until after the 1500s.


    IMO, when 2 families, 2 clans, 2 tribes or 2 villages are civil towards each other...then you have civilization.

    Like many cultures before them all of their history, traditions, religions, etc., were only "recorded" in the minds of the people through oral teachings/presentations.

    The answer is yes. 

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