Why unable to recover files from crashed hard drive?

I pounded on my Windows 7 laptop because it was taking too long to process something, and got the dreaded blue screen. Took the hard drive out, put it into an Insignia enclosure and connected it to my new laptop with Windows 10. Blue light came on and strange sound could be heard from hard drive, which lasted around 30 secs and then blue light went out and noise stopped. My new laptop was not recognizing the hard drive and I was not able to use EaseUS Recovery Wizard to recover files from it. Is this because the hard drive was used with Windows 7, or is it completely gone? Thank you. 

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  • David
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    1 month ago
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    When you hammered the laptop you caused a hard drive head crash and broke the hard drive. This is nothing to do with windows 7. All your files are gone and the drive now needs replacing and the operating system reinstalled. 

    If the data on the old hard drive is valuable you can send the drive to data recovery specialists where they can rebuild the drive and recover what they can but they are not cheap.

  • 1 month ago

    OK, the windows 7 laptop slowed down, probably because the hard drive was failing.  If you pounded on the laptop, that probably caused the heads to crash faster, when they were already out of alignment.  Strange sound was heads scraping platter.  This has nothing to do with windows 7, or any particular operating system.  There are windows 10 computers manufactured in 2020 that have the exact same problem with failing hard drives.  Sadly, even SSDs fail...although they fail for different reasons.

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