Benefits election mistake, fraud?


I started working for global non profit as a part time temporary employee. Initially my hours were set at a max of 20hrs a week and because of this I'd be eligible for benefits such as medical and dental. I signed up for both during open enrollment.

Before I could log my hours for my firs paycheck, I was told I could only log 19 hours. I emailed the HR lady, asking if I'd lose my benefits and she never got back to me. I got some emails from other people at HR about checking my benefit elections, I thought they'd drop automatically but they stayed and I have full benefits even though I don't technically qualify. 

My question is, would this be considered fraud? Should I drop these benefits? 

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  • 1 month ago
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    Not fraud.  They have no OBLIGATION to provide benefits at 19 or fewer hours, but they CAN.  

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