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Cervix Penetration?

I know this is a completely hypothetical question but imagine a very, very small person with a penis were to enter into a vagina and have sex by penetrating the cervix. Would the cervix owner get any pleasure from that? 

This is not a kink or fantasy of mine, me and my friends are just curious.

Any input/opinions appreciated!


All though the answers are appreciated so far I'm not looking for medicine-based advice. I know no penis could actually penetrate a cervix, this is really just a silly question of hypothetical possible pleasure.

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    Dilating the cervix is painful.

    Inserting something into the cervix causes discomfort at some level.

    Only a masochist would experience any degree of pleasure.

    All pleasure receptors in the area are centred on the clitoris and surrounding structures. None are located in or on the cervix and any contact with the cervix during intercourse can be painful and off-putting to many women.

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    The opening through the cervix is very tiny, except for when it dilates during labor in childbirth.  No penis can penetrate the cervix.  It is uncomfortable to a woman when a penis is long enough to "hit" the cervix during sex.  The cervix can be "bruised".

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    The cervix is the entrance to the womb. A penis enters the vagina. Makes no difference how small, females can have an orgasm from fingers.

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