what is it on chrome-book that you can't do.. ..............that you can do on a regular computer?

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  • Rayal
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    A chromebook is a regular computer with a different OS.

    They don't run Windows or MacOS they don't use microsoft products like office.

    They do have their own useful version of a word processor or office equivalent.

    The also use Chrome and your Chrome account for everything. So you have to set that up for yourself.

  • 1 month ago

    What you can do is use a web browser & email etc., plus included apps and apps from the app store built in to the device operating system.

    Just about everything else is what you cannot do!

    A chromebook is basically a tablet with a keyboard attached.

    They have very limited built-in storage & RAM.

    You cannot install any normal PC style program or game, anything that needs either a lot of storage space or a powerful CPU or GPU.

    And they use the Chrome OS not Windows, so they are not compatible with normal PC software to start with.

    As with a tablet, you are pretty much restricted to things you can find in the included "App store".

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