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I told to my best friend that i like a guy and she told me in a rude way that i am too ugly for him....why did she tell me that?

He is a very good looking guy

But i dont think i am too ugly for him

I dont think even that i am ugly

Should i stop make company with this girl???

She seems obssessed with me and especially with my appereance

She hates when i have confidence and she always tries to convince me that i am ugly

The dream of her life is to kill my self esteem

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    She is NO friend and told you this because SHE wants him for herself and wants you to disappear.  Dump her and maybe he'll approach you.  He might see what a ratbag she is and, once she's out of the picture he might contact you.

  • 1 month ago

    this is your best friend? 

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