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low libido during male puberty?

I have a pretty low libido for my age currently. backstory: about 2 months ago I had a normal libido then I got gay tendencies. At first it was constant then my libido was going through high and low periods(im a dude). During high periods i was a bit hornier and was attracted to dudes much more and in low periods I had a much lower libido and was only attracted to women slightly. currently i'm in a low period and finished my last high period. Any thoughts?

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    What you need to understand is that your sexual health is tied directly to your overall health. If you are eating a diet high in junk food, drink lots of sugary sodas, and if you are sitting around most of the day, being very inactive, not exercising regularly, and if your sleep habits are poor... you're going to be sluggish and slow in all areas of your life, including your sexual life. If you make some serious lifestyle changes you will be amazed at how different you feel.

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