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How to describe a bar where a band plays? ?

I'm writing a story where I need describe the inside of a bar, where a band is playing...also what do people usually do when a band plays...what type of music is generally played, and do people sing along too? The ambience and all.

I've never been to a bar and I'm underage so I can't right now to find out how it actually is, so please help me. 

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    It's not well lit. Smells like people inside.  Some serve food, you sit on stools at the actual bar or get a table (wood chairs or a booth) otherwise.  Have you been in a coffee shop? Same setup but darker lit. 

    Music is either rock or (in country theme bars) country music. 

    There's hanging glassware within the bartenders reach, most bottles are down out of sight. It gets noisy when they use a blender to mix the ice cream drinks. 

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    It's called a nightclub. Many drink alcohol and/or take drugs like cocaine and ecstasy to enhance their enjoyment. They dance and try to find a mate for a one night stand or long term relationship. It's fairly dark inside with coloured lighting effects. Many nightclubs have cubicles or recesses where patrons can sit with a group of friends. 

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    All together, now: Write what you know! Write what you know!

    While plenty of the regulars could fill you in on what it's like when a band plays at a bar, this is a prime example of a scene you really shouldn't write because scads of people have experienced it and you haven't. No matter how well I might describe it, answering your questions in detail, you won't be able to capture the feeling of the scene because it will remain alien to you.

    Since you can't go to a real bar to observe while bands play, find videos online, ideally not movies but reality.

    Be aware that when the crowd isn't into the band, they're often pretty rude, from ignoring them or loud-talking over them to throwing beer bottles.

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