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Anonymous asked in Science & MathematicsBiology · 3 months ago

What if depression is a sign of a person being unfit to live so the body wants them to suicide by giving them depression?


Survival of the fittest 

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  • oyubir
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    3 months ago
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    I don't think you understand "survival of the fittest".

    It is not like there is a strategy to enforce that "rule".

    People die because they die. People die because they are not the fittest. And because of that, that feature that made them unfit disappear from our gene pool.

    If you want to bring "survival of the fittest" in a discussion about depression and suicide, that would be to claim that depression, or at least suicide, will one day disappear, because it makes people die. Well, it would if it was genetic (people prone to commit suicide are less likely to transmit there genes, so...). But it is not.

    But "survival of the fittest" does not mean that Evolution invents way to kill people.

    In short, your assumption is a nonsense.

    Evolution is not a mysterious thing you know. That is why it is so ridiculous to hear, your side of the Atlantic, called it a "theory" (it is a theory. But not in the sense meant by those who say that, which is "a speculative hypothesis") and to make it compete with religion (when even the Vatican says there is no doubt about it being true).

    Darwin was one of the greatest mind of the human history. But what he said about evolution is the most simple, stupidly obvious theory ever. Answer to Evolution theory should have been "well duh?!?".

    It was not because it's shaken deep and profound beliefs (and that why it took a genius to emit the theory. Not because, unlike relativity, the theory was a complex one. But because our previous beliefs were hard to ignore).

    Because, retroactively, what Darwin said is just obvious facts

    1. We tend to inherit some features from our parents. Everybody know that

    2. Individual with features that help to survive survive more. Individual with features that kills, die.

    3. 1 and 2 together imply that features that help to survive tend to be inherited by more person, since their bearer have time to reproduce more. Features that kills tend to disappear, because their bearer die without reproducing

    That's all. There is no secret mechanism like E=mc² to understand here.

    The bold theory is not in those 3 points. The bold theory was "4. That alone explains species".

    So I don't know what you put behind "survival of the fittest" that make you believe such a strange thing. But "survival of the fittest" is a way easier and more obvious thing that whatever you have in your mind.

    Body wanting you to commit suicide because it autodetect that it is not fit, is not only a too complex mechanism for Evolution (Evolution is not enforced by a behaviour of our bodis. It is enforced by the obvious facts I've mentionned). But even more, is an oxymoron. If there was a feature such as "commit suicide", created by evolution to help the "survival of the fittest", then, that very same evolution would get rid of it, since people who have it die, and the other don't.

  • 3 months ago

    Yeah, well, it's not.  That's not at all what depression is.

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