What is a biogas upgradation system and how does it work?

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  • 1 month ago

    if this isn't a computer related question -- try asking it under Chemistry.  natural gas is over 85 pc methane while biogas likely has less than 75 pc methane ... that means biogas won't work well in systems designed to burn natural gas [or not at all].  an upgrade system would scrub CO2 out of the biogas to increase the pc methane in the output.  -- grampa

  • 1 month ago

    biogas? upgradation? sorry man these are not computer/IT terms that I understand or have ever heard of...

    BIOS? Basic Input Output System - it is integrated into your machine and before ANYTHING, it looks at your hardware and says, alright, we have 8g of ram, a 2tb hard drive, this and that.  All it does is report to your boot loader that you have such and such to work with, thats it.

    upgradation system? uhhhh, i imagine thats a computer that is simply capable of expansion.  for example, perhaps your stock machine has 1g of ram, but its capacity is 16g.

    seems like your asking a two-fold question here and mixing it into one concept

    check crucial.com for RAM upgrades if youd like to see what your options are.  Hard drive (where your junk is physically stored), goto the store and pick one depending on your needs\budget.  Keep in mind laptop and desktop drives are different SIZES, meaning, a 3.5 inch drive wont fit into a 2.5 inch socket.  I would highly recommend a SSD (Solid State Drive) as their read and write speeds are incredible.  even with an older machine, it will seem brand new with an SSD.  Plus after that if your not satisfied and buy a new machine, you can easily pop the drive into a new one.

    Most PCs these days ship with standard hard drives, so honestly I would just replace the stock one with your new fantastic SSD

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